Lynn Pasquerella '80


Celebrating The Commish

As Lynn Pasquerella ’80 prepares to take her leadership skills to the national stage, we look back at her successes as Mount Holyoke’s eighteenth president “There’s no other job that… ... » Read more

Sharyanne McSwain


10 Minutes With: Sharyanne McSwain ’84

CFO of StoryCorps Shares Why Stories Matter Former Alumnae Association board member Sharyanne McSwain ’84 spent twenty-five years working in financial services. A desire for change coupled with a connection… ... » Read more

Dozens of specimens preserved in formaldehyde line the shelves of a large wooden cabinet in the specimen room. Photo by Joanna Chattman


Insider’s View: Clapp Laboratory Basement

Although some may find the lowest level of Clapp Hall creepy, for others it is a haven full of biological curiosities. The long hall running the length of the floor,… ... » Read more

Clearing Your Emotional Clutter


The Maven: Clearing Your Emotional Clutter

As a professional organizer and coach, I have observed that whatever is going on inside of you is often reflected in your outside environment and vice versa: depression can cause… ... » Read more