Virginia Taylor ’08

Virginia Taylor ’08: Powered by Mount Holyoke

“Our first year, I was doing all the casework myself, but now we have thirteen employees and have closed over nine hundred cases,” says Virginia Taylor ’08, cofounder of Bayview/Hunters Point Community Legal, a legal nonprofit she opened deliberately in the poorest area of San…... » Read more

Alumnae Descend on South Hadley for Reunion 2017

Bird-watching. Transcribing historical documents. Face painting. Touring an eco-house. Singing in Abbey Chapel. Participating in a Japanese tea ceremony. And of course, parading in white.... » Read more

10 Minutes With: Monique Washington ’91

A Chicago Police Sergeant on Her Call to Serve Initially thinking she would embark on a career as an entertainment lawyer, a turn as a paralegal led Monique Washington ’91 into public service, which propelled her toward a master’s degree in criminal justice and her job…... » Read more

Stack of archival letters

A History through Letters

¶ In its very first issue the editors of the Alumnae Quarterly invited readers to send feedback, and in its second issue—published in July 1917—letters from alumnae were included. In the 1930s and for most of the 1950s several issues did not include letters, but…... » Read more