Mary Francis ’86

Mary Francis ’86: Powered by Mount Holyoke

“Whenever I’ve powered through . . . and taken a challenge where I didn’t know I’d be successful, I’ve never regretted it,” says Mary Francis ’86, the corporate secretary and chief governance officer for Chevron. In her current role at Chevron, where she has been…... » Read more

Illustration of gavel and test tubes

Prepared to Pivot

Four alumnae talk about the sometimes unexpected turns in their career paths Perhaps, like many parents, you put your career on hold to raise a family. Or an economic downturn wreaked havoc on your field and forced you to change jobs. Maybe careers not open…... » Read more

My Voice: Becoming My Mother’s Daughter

I am a DES Daughter. DES—diethylstilbestrol—was a synthetic estrogen prescribed to millions of pregnant women, from about 1940 to the early 1970s, in the mistaken belief the drug prevented miscarriage and ensured a healthy pregnancy. Instead, DES harmed the mothers who were prescribed it, their…... » Read more

Reunion 2017

Registration is now open! We welcome back classes ending in 2s and 7s, plus 2015. It's a time to reconnect with old friends and forge relationships with new ones.... » Read more