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Songs My Mother Didn’t Teach Me

¶ ¶ Gale Stubbs McClung ’45 served as editor of the Alumnae Quarterly from 1962 to 1989. The following essay was one of nearly two dozen published in the Quarterly in the winter 1990 issue in response to a call for articles from alumnae on the meaning of…... » Read more

My Voice: On Hearing, in Fragments

Growing up, I never knew what was happening onscreen when I went to the movies. As I sat beside my friends, I would mimic their reactions—laughing when they laughed, calling up a tear at the moment in My Girl when I finally realized the boy…... » Read more

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My Voice: On Finding My Strength and Myself

The hype-fueled music blasted through the theatre in Boston as I adjusted the straps on my bikini. I reached down and fixed my heels (praying I wouldn’t trip), took a deep breath, and walked out toward the judges, who would literally be judging me for…... » Read more

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My Voice: Loss and the Stories that Connect Us

As I walked to my car, the September sky was full of deep blue possibility, and the warmth and brightness of the sun filled me with hope. I had just said an easy good-bye to my three-year-old. Seeing a new preschool mom behind me, I…... » Read more