Mount Holyoke clubs and groups connect alumnae in the same geographical region to one another and to the College. Clubs serve the local community, provide career networking opportunities, and build relationships with MHC students in a particular area. Clubs members also volunteer for the Office of Admission to help attract talented students to MHC. Membership in alumnae clubs is open to any alumna, graduate or non­graduate, who attended Mount Holyoke for at least a year, or any recipient of a graduate degree. Membership should be as flexible as possible to encourage alumnae to join.

Types of Clubs

Starting a Club

Roles and Responsibilities

Support and Training

Tips and Ideas

Conducting Surveys

Clubs FAQ

Club Contacts

Form A: Club Activities

Form B: Club New Officers List

Alumnae Scholar Fund

Dos and Don’ts

  • Do take advantage of the many resources the Alumnae Association offers.
  • Do communicate with your constituents regularly.
  • If your club has a website, do keep it updated. Keeping a website current with up-to-date content is one of the keys to a successful web presence.
  • If your club has bylaws, do make sure the operations of the club are consistent with them.
  • Do maintain contact on club activities with the Alumnae Association’s director of clubs and with the regional Clubs Committee liaison, and send them copies of newsletters, invitations, etc.
  • Do check with the Office of Advancement before initiating a fundraising project other than the Alumnae Scholar Fund.
  • Do be extremely cautious with contact lists or any other lists that contain alumnae information. They should not be shared with anyone who is not affiliated with Mount Holyoke College, nor should the information be used for commercial, political, or private fundraising purposes. The file should be deleted after use. If the information is printed, the pages should be shredded after use.
  • Do let us know if you need help or are not able to continue in your role.
  • Do not use your club for personal initiatives.

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