Clubs and Groups

Mount Holyoke clubs and groups connect alumnae to one another and to the College. Clubs and groups interact in person and virtually in a myriad of ways—from hosting events to serving the local community to providing career networking opportunities to simply connecting over a shared interest.

Club and group members also volunteer for the Office of Admission to help attract talented students to MHC. Membership in our more than one hundred alumnae clubs and groups is open to any alumna, graduate or non­graduate, who attended Mount Holyoke for at least a year, or any recipient of a graduate degree.

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Alabama Informal Group

Birmingham, AL
Contact: Pauline Scott ’82


Central and Northern Arizona Informal Group

Glendale, AZ
Contact: Barbara Harrington Murphy ’75

Southern Arizona Informal Group

Tuscon, AZ
Contact: Maura Hurley Brackett ’58


Northern California Club

San Francisco, CA Website Facebook Group
Co-Contact: Eva Visscher-Simon ’06
Co-Contact: Sarah Lau ’07

San Diego Club

San Diego, CA Website
Club Contact: Kelly Nilsson ’88

Peninsula Club

Palo Alto, CA Website / Facebook Group

Contact: Kiri Petersen ’12

Santa Barbara Informal Group

Santa Barbara, CA
Contact: Paula Bruice ’63

Southern California Club

Los Angeles, CA Facebook Group
Contact: Gretchen Hays ’64


Colorado Club

Denver, CO Facebook Group
Contact: Janet Hayes ’74


Bridgeport Club

Bridgeport, CT
Contact: Nan Redmond ’77

Hartford Club

Hartford, CT Website
Contact: Carrianna Field

Fairfield Villages Club

Old Greenwich, CT Facebook Page
Contact: Cheryl Greene ’88

New Haven Club

New Haven, CT
Contact: Eera Sharma ’94

District of Columbia

Washington DC Club

Washington, DC Website / Facebook Page
Contact: Virginia (Radley) Emes ’00


Mount Holyoke Alumnae: West Central Florida

Tampa area, FL Facebook Group
Contact: Jeanne Egan ’87

Naples Club

Naples, FL
Contact: Karen Kayser Benson ’63

Panhandle Informal Group

Pensacola, FL
Contact: Nicole Herrick ’05

Southeast Florida Informal Group

Miami, FL Facebook Group
Co-Contact: Ivelisse Berio LeBeau ’87
Co-Contact: Claudia Mendieta ’81

Southwest Florida Club

Port Charlotte, FL Website
Contact: Susan Graham Simpson ’68


Atlanta Club

Atlanta, GA
Contact: Teresa (Terri) Kruzan ’80


Boise Informal Group

Boise, ID
Contact: Sarah (Sally) Michalec ’76


Champaign-Urbana Club

Champaign, IL
Contact: Antje Heberle Kolodziej ’57

Chicago Club

Chicago, IL Website / Facebook Group
Contact: Karuna Brunk ’05


Bloomington Informal Group

Bloomington, IN
Co-Contact: Victoria I. Streiff ’90
Co-Contact: Stacie M. King ’93


Kansas City Club

Overland Park, KS Website
Contact: Alice Capson ’71


Kentuckiana Informal Club

Louisville, KY
Co-Contact: Lynda (Lyndy) Dean Alexander ’80


Louisiana Club

New Orleans, LA Facebook Group
Contact: Kathleen McNelis ’97


Maine Club

Brunswick, ME
Contact: Emily Wentworth ’74


Greater Baltimore Informal Club

(We currently do not have a contact for the club.)


Berkshires Club

Great Barrington, MA
Contact: Rebecca Gold ’95

Boston Club

Somerville, MA Website / Facebook Page
Contact: Eilish M. Brown ’09

Cape Cod Club

Cape Cod, MA Website
Contact: Melissa Russell ’01

Pioneer Valley Club

South Hadley, MA Facebook Group
Co-Contact: Linda O’Connell ’69
Co-Contact: Natalie Kulikowski ’11

Western Suburbs Club

Wayland, MA Facebook Group
Contact: Andrea Naddaff ’84

Worcester Club

Worcester, MA Website
Contact: Susan Bushey Manning ’96


Ann Arbor Club

Ann Arbor, MI
Contact: Sevanne A. Demirjian ’95

Detroit Club

West Bloomfield, MI
Contact: Laurie Marshall ’82

Western Michigan Club

St. Joseph, MI
Contact: Jocelyn D. Steinke ’86


Minnesota Club

Minneapolis, MN  Website
Contact: Anne Jennen ’88


Mount Holyoke Mid-Missouri Group

Columbia, MO
Contact: Linda J. Keown ’71

Saint Louis Club

Saint Louis, MO
Contact: Ellie Schwetye ’04


Southwest Montana Club

Helena, MT
Contact: April Sparks ’04


Omaha Informal Group

Omaha, NE
Contact: Emily Brush ’03

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Club

Stratham, NH Website
Contact: Lois A. Graham ’82

New Jersey

Bergen-Passaic-Rockland Counties Club

Midland Park, NJ
Co-Contact: Amy Woodard ’00
Co-Contact: Linda Saxon ’95

Monmouth County Club

Red Bank, NJ
Contact: Elizabeth McDermott ’80

Northern New Jersey Club

Madison, NJ
Contact: Carolyn Conant-Hiley ’83

Princeton Club

Pennington, NJ
Contact: Diana Deane ’75

New York

Buffalo Informal Group

Buffalo, NY
(We currently do not have a contact for the club.)

Capital District Club

Slingerlands, NY
Contact: Anuja De Silva ’04

Genesee Valley Club

Rochester, NY
Contact: Lindsey Reber ’63

Long Island Club

Dix Hills, NY
Contact: Stephanie Jaffe Green ’77

Mid-Hudson Valley Club

Hudson, NY
Contact: Shawn H. Hancock ’80

New York City Club

New York, NY Website / Facebook Page
Co-Contact: Elaine Cheung ’09
Co-Contact: Symone New ’10

Syracuse Club

Fayetteville, NY Facebook Group
Contact: Uma Pinninti-Cassagnol ’97

Utica/Mowhawk Valley Informal Group

Clinton, NY
Contact: Margaret Olofson Thickstun ’77

Westchester Club

Westchester, NY Facebook Page
Contact: Linda Whitehead ’83

North Carolina

Piedmont Club

Durham, NC Website / Facebook Group
Co-Contact: Lisa A. Carl ’81


Central Ohio Club

Columbus, OH Website / Facebook Page
Contact: Elizabeth Mangas ’98

Cincinnati Club

Cincinnati, OH Facebook Page
Co-Contact: Jamie Kirkpatrick Goodner ’92
Co-Contact: Michelle Taylor Watts ’94

Cleveland Informal Club

Cleveland, Ohio
Contact: Erin Rocchio ’06


Portland Club

Portland, OR  Website
Contact: Eleanor Manning ’06


Northeastern Informal Group

Allentown, PA
Contact: Joan Miller Moran ’58

Philadelphia Club

Philadelphia, PA Facebook Group
Co-Contact: Amber Knee ’10
Co-Contact: Sharanya Shankar ’13

Pittsburgh Club

Pittsburgh, PA Website
Co-Contact: Diana Bosse Mathis ’70
Co-Contact: Diana Marston Wood ’58

Rhode Island

Rhode Island Club

Barrington, RI
Co-Contact: Kristen Materne ’87
Co-Contact: Erika Sevetson ’91


Memphis Informal Club

Memphis, TN
Contact: Charlotte Gillespie ’92


Austin Informal Club

Austin, TX
Contact: Catherine (Cathy) Davis Ingersoll ’84

Dallas/Fort Worth Club

Dallas, TX
Co-Contact: Jane Pollard Mayo ’71
Co-Contact: Karen Wilbur ’68

Houston Club

Houston, TX Website / Facebook Page
Contact: Danetta Beaushaw ’88


Utah Informal Group

Salt Lake City, UT Facebook Page
Co-Contact: Auste Kriukelyte ’14
Co-Contact: Nan Zhu ’14


Richmond Informal Group

Richmond, VA
Contact: Santresda (Sandy) Johnson ’00


Puget Sound Club

Mount Vernon, WA  Website / Facebook Page
Contact: Betsy Vance ’08


Appleton Informal Group

Oshkosh, WI
Contact: Elizabeth Burkhalter ’94

Madison Informal Group

Madison, WI  Facebook Group
Contact: Sarah Donermeyer Zylstra ’92

Milwaukee Informal Group

Milwaukee, WI
Contact: Christina Rutkowsi Schlagenhauf ’85


Mount Holyoke African Alumnae Facebook Group


Ghana Club

Accra, Ghana Facebook Group/Page
Co-contact: Nana Amoah ’09
Co-contact: Stephanie Adu Dzandu ’09


Mount Holyoke Asian Alumnae Facebook Group


Bangladesh Informal Group

Dhaka, Bangladesh
Contact: Tamazer Ahmed Shareef ’04


Beijing Informal Group

Beijing, China
Contact: Niny Khor ’96

Shanghai Informal Group

Shanghai, China
Contact: Wei Ding ’97

Hong Kong Informal Group

Wanchai, Hong Kong Facebook Group/Page
Contact: Leslie Fu Pang ’97


Japan Informal Group

Tokyo, Japan
Contact: Alison Birch Harada ’87


Chennai Informal Group

Chennai, India
Contact: Shaheen Madraswala ’14

Mumbai Informal Group

Mumbai, India Facebook Group/Page
Contact: Vijaya Pastala ’89

New Dehli Informal Group

New Delhi, India Facebook Group/Page
Contact: Shireen Alam ’97


Malaysia Informal Group

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Co-contact: Janice Shiu ’14
Co-contact: Yen Ping Teh ’12


Pakistan Informal Group

Karachi, Pakistan
Co-contact: Sadia Khatri ’15
Co-contact: Natasha Ansari ’13


Philippines Informal Group

Manila, Philippines
Contact: Maria Gochoco-Bautista ’78


Singapore Informal Group

Contact: Natalya Marusich ’04

South Korea

South Korea Informal Group

Seoul, South Korea
Contact: Frances Lee ’85

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Informal Group

Colombo, Sri Lanka
Contact: Anishka De Zylva ’14


UAE Informal Group

Dubai, UAE
Contact: Pasangi Weerasinghe ’10


Vietnam Informal Group

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam
Contact: Anne Eisenhower ’09



Australia Informal Club

Sydney, Australia Facebook Group
Contact: Olia Petkova ’01

New Zealand

Auckland Informal Group

Auckland, New Zealand
Contact: Megan Couture FP’11


European Alumnae Council
European Council Website
European Alumnae Facebook Group


Belgium Informal Group

Leuven, Belgium
Contact: Erica Lutes ’02

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina Informal Group

Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Contact: Anita Pion Selec ’88


Bulgaria Informal Group

Sofia, Bulgaria
Contact: Miroslava Kireva ’10


Denmark Informal Group

Frederiksberg, Denmark
Contact: Evelina Poumpalova ’97


France Club

Paris, France
Contact: Geraldine Boucherat CG ’99


Germany Informal Group

Muenchen, Germany
Contact: Nancy Boggie Kuehler ’65

Berlin Informal Group

Berlin, Germany Facebook Group/Page
Contact: Ottilie Klein CG’07

Düsseldorf Informal Group

Düsseldorf, Germany Facebook Group/Page
Contact: Vanieta Canonico-Jahn ’77


Greece Informal Group

Athens, Greece
Contact: Ioli Christopoulou ’01


Hungary Informal Group

Budapest, Hungary
Contact: Margaret Bolter ’05

Iberian Peninsula

Iberian Peninsula Informal Group

Madrid, Spain  WebsiteFacebook Group/Page
Contact: Elizabeth Ta’eed ’09


Ireland Informal Group

Dublin, Ireland
Contact: Barbara Schmidt Kelly ’69


Italy Informal Group

Roma, Italy Facebook Group/Page
Contact: Kate Conmy McElwee ’07


Latvia Informal Group

Riga, Latvia
Contact: Indra Priede ’92


Luxembourg Informal Group

Gonderange, Luxembourg
Contact: Elisabeth Engelberg ’83

The Netherlands

The Netherlands Informal Group

Amsterdam, Netherlands Facebook Group/Page
Contact: Silvia Maulini ’80


Turkey Informal Group

Istanbul, Turkey
Contact: Zeynep Kurmus Hurbas ’96


Poland Informal Group

Bialystok, Poland
Contact: Aniela White Staszewska ’05


Sweden Informal Group

Uppsala, Sweden Facebook Group/Page

Contact: Alexandra D’Urso ’03


Switzerland Informal Group

Soral, Switzerland
Contact: Christine Gora ’98

United Kingdom

Britain Club

London, England Website / Facebook Group/Page
Contact: Erin Hill-Parks ’01

Middle East and North Africa

Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Alumnae Facebook Group
Contact: Farah Rawas ’17

North America


Alberta Informal Group

Calgary, Canada
Contact: Alice Gardner-Boreta ’66

Toronto Informal Group

Toronto, Canada
Contact: Therese Baron ’03

South/Central America and the Caribbean


Brazil Informal Group

São Paulo, Brazil
Contact: Lilian Rodrigues Alves ’11


Jamaica Informal Group

Kingston, Jamaica
Contact: Nicole C. Brown ’05

Affiliate Groups
The Alumnae Association encourages alumnae who are members of historically under-represented populations or who actively engage in communicating and/or gathering around a central unifying purpose, mission, background, or activity beyond class affiliation or regional proximity to form Affiliate Groups.

Lyon’s Pride
For lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, and queer alumnae/alumni, students, faculty, and staff of Mount Holyoke College and their partners

» Learn more about starting an Affiliate Group

Shared Interest Groups

Shared Interest Groups (SIGs) are more informal than Affiliate Groups. They do not have bylaws, officers, a treasury, or dues. They are simply groups of alums with a common interest and are open to all classes. SIGs interact primarily online, using Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media, and are not governed by the Alumnae Association. If you have a SIG that you’d like listed below, please contact

Mount Holyoke Black Alumnae Group

MoHos with Kiddos

MHC Step-Parents

MoHos with Special Kiddos

MoHos Meetup

MHC Over 40. Same Sisterhood, More Experience.

MHC Over 60. Sisters Strong!

MoHo Virtual M&Cs

MoHo Career Chat

MHC V8s Alumnae

Mount Holyoke Glee Club Alumnae

MHC Moms in Maine

Mount Holyoke European Alumnae

MoHos with Libros (a book club/reading group)

Poor, Working-Class, and First Gen Mohos


Connect with other dynamic Mount Holyoke alumnae in your area by volunteering for a regional club or group or starting one in your area. Regional club and group volunteers can find resources on our Club Volunteers webpage.