About the Alumnae Association

Mary Woolley Hall

Connecting a Powerful Network of Powerful Alums

The Alumnae Association of Mount Holyoke College is an independent organization providing diverse programs, expertise and resources to foster lifelong learning and empower alumnae to connect with each other and the College. We connect the global community of Mount Holyoke alums with each other and the College as we create meaningful change in the world.

Rooted in History

At a time when women were not permitted to be trustees of colleges, Mary Lyon founded the Memorandum Society (the forerunner to the Alumnae Association) to give alumnae an independent voice and a financial role in the College’s future. In 1923, the Alumnae Association of Mount Holyoke College became an incorporated, not-for-profit organization with its own board of directors. There have been 38 alumnae board presidents over the years.

Empowered by Independence

The Association’s independence from the College has always worked toward the best interest of Mount Holyoke. Alumnae are able to speak freely on matters of the College and are valued regardless of their ability to contribute financially. In turn, the Association advocates on behalf of alumnae to the larger community, voicing their concerns, priorities and challenges, and showcasing alumnae as the outcome of a Mount Holyoke education. In addition, traditions are treasured as the College evolves.

Guided by Alumnae Volunteers

The Alumnae Association is guided by more than 2,000 alumnae volunteers, who are a driving force behind all that we do. Nearly all events and communications relating to Mount Holyoke alumnae are managed by an alumnae volunteer-staff partnership.

Fast Facts

39,000 Living Alumnae


3,500 Alumnae Outside the U.S.

24,900 Alumnae in the Career Directory


28,400 Alumnae Served by over 100 Clubs or Groups


2,000 Current Alumnae Volunteers