Family Visit to Mount Holyoke College

In 1872, Mr. and Mrs. Gulick and Miyagawa visited the United States. Mr. Gulick had attended Williams College, which had a close connection with Mount Holyoke College. The family visited the (then) Mount Holyoke Female Seminary, and Mr. Gulick’s second wife wrote in a 1904 letter to Anne C. Edwards of Mount Holyoke College that Emily Gulick “was so pleased with the institution that she always after cherished the hope that her beloved Martha [Toshi Miyagawa] might receive her education there.”


Mrs. Gulick was an English woman but when she visited this country in 1872 with Mr. Gulick and the little girl and saw Mt. Holyoke Seminary (now College) she was so pleased with the

Institution that she always cherished the hope that her beloved Martha might receive her education there.