Awards FAQ

How do I recommend an alumna for an award?
You may submit an online recommendation form. If you have more than one recommendation, please complete separate forms for each.

Can I recommend myself for an award?
Yes. To recommend yourself for an award, please complete the recommendation form.

Do you accept recommendations from people not affiliated with Mount Holyoke College?
Yes. To recommend an alumna, please complete the recommendation form.

Do I have the option to recommend an alumna for a specific award?
No. Final selections for each award are left to the discretion of the award committees. 

Will I be contacted for additional information after I have made a recommendation?
At the discretion of the committee you may be contacted with follow-up inquiries to aid in the research process.

Will I learn about the status of my recommendation(s)?
Due to the confidentially of the awards research process, recommenders do not receive advanced notification regarding award decisions.

Are previous award winners eligible for recommendation?
Yes, past recipients may be recommended. Alumnae Association awards have been designed to recognize multiple alumnae achievements in their work as volunteers for the Alumnae Association and/or College as well as in their professional lives.

Will the Association let me know if an alumna has already been recommended for an award?
No. The Association does not disclose information on recommendations.

What is the deadline for recommendations?
Although we accept recommendations at any time during the year, a recommendation must be received by the deadline provided on the Awards Program page in order to be considered for a particular year.

When are award recipients announced?
Announcements of award recipients are publicized in Alumnae Association, class and/or club newsletters, and social media after Reunion.

When are awards bestowed?
The Mary Lyon Award is bestowed at the College’s Celebration of Excellence each spring. All other awards are presented at Reunion. Recipients may also request that their award be given at a club event, conference, or via mail if they are unable to attend Reunion.

What type of service(s) is recognized in your awards program?
Both professional and volunteer accomplishments are recognized through the Alumnae Association Awards Program. Please visit the Awards Program page for full descriptions of available awards.

Do any of the awards include a monetary prize?
No. None of the awards in the Alumnae Association Awards Program involve a monetary prize. However, the Alumnae Fellowships Program grants funding to Mount Holyoke alumnae for continued study and post-college projects.

Who do I contact with questions not listed here?
Questions regarding awards for should be directed to