Jennifer Udden ’08 At Work

Literary Agent -- @suddenlyjen Jennifer Udden ’08 is an agent at Donald Maass Literary Agency, where she represents speculative fiction (both scifi and fantasy), urban fantasy, and mysteries, as well… ... » Read more

Rosina Shiliwala ’02


Rosina Shiliwala ’02 at Work

Marketing Executive -- @rosina_s Rosina Shiliwala ’02 is a global marketing and branding executive with more than a decade of experience in travel, luxury consumer goods, hospitality, beauty, health/wellness, retail… ... » Read more

Aubrey Pennings ’03


Aubrey Pennings ’03 at Work

Web Developer -- @starshaped Aubrey Pennings ’03 is a web developer living and working in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. She spends her days working as a JavaScript developer for a Fortune… ... » Read more

Alessandra Hickson '09


Alessandra Hickson ’09 at Work

Web Producer for NBC -- @aphickson Alessandra Hickson ’09 is a web producer at NBC Latino, part of NBC News in New York City. While pursuing a master’s degree at NYU’s… ... » Read more