Deborah Frank Feinen ’89


Deborah Frank Feinen ’89 at Work

Attorney and City Council Member -- @debfrankfeinen Deborah Frank Feinen ’89 is a partner and practicing attorney with the law firm of Nally, Bauer, Feinen, & Mann P.C. in Champaign, Illinois.… ... » Read more

Elizabeth Taylor '79


Elizabeth Taylor ’79 at Work

Literary Editor -- @etayloretayor Elizabeth Taylor ’79 is literary editor of the Chicago Tribune, which she joined after spending thirteen years as a correspondent with Time Magazine. In 2002, Elizabeth led… ... » Read more


Monica Grover ’99 at Work

Entrepreneur -- @bazaarspices Monica Grover ’99 recently left her position as the manager of digital media projects for The Global Fund for Children to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams with husband, Ivan… ... » Read more

Equus Project


JoAnna Mendl Shaw ’69: Dances with Horses

In 1997, JoAnna Mendl Shaw ’69 brought together the Mount Holyoke Dance Department and the Equestrian Program for a novel collaboration into uncharted choreographic territory... ... » Read more