Sharyanne McSwain


10 Minutes With: Sharyanne McSwain ’84

CFO of StoryCorps Shares Why Stories Matter Former Alumnae Association board member Sharyanne McSwain ’84 spent twenty-five years working in financial services. A desire for change coupled with a connection… ... » Read more

Dozens of specimens preserved in formaldehyde line the shelves of a large wooden cabinet in the specimen room. Photo by Joanna Chattman


Insider’s View: Clapp Laboratory Basement

Although some may find the lowest level of Clapp Hall creepy, for others it is a haven full of biological curiosities. The long hall running the length of the floor,… ... » Read more

Clearing Your Emotional Clutter


The Maven: Clearing Your Emotional Clutter

As a professional organizer and coach, I have observed that whatever is going on inside of you is often reflected in your outside environment and vice versa: depression can cause… ... » Read more

Blush Painting


Female Gaze: Spring 2016

Ceramics: Sculpting a Life “People are never just one thing or another. For me, life is not a dichotomy,” says Joan Libby Hawk ’69.  This sentiment has guided Libby Hawk… ... » Read more

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