by Roger Cameron


Ten Minutes With: Sarah Strebel Cameron ’97

Boarding for Girls Sarah Strebel Cameron ’97 is no stranger to taking risks, but her biggest adventure came in 2008 when she founded her own company. Upon realizing that most… ... » Read more

Laird and her children, from left, Brendan, Evelyn, and Colleen


My Voice: What is Enough?

I used to stage whisper my dreams of motherhood, not sure if attending Mount Holyoke would mean I had to view my future in a different light. Would I be… ... » Read more


The Maven: Achieving Sexual Health and Satisfaction

Sexual health is literacy in the language of the human body and how it functions sexually, insight into our own sexual preferences and desires, and self-advocacy skills that allow us… ... » Read more


MoHome Memories: A Gathering of Scholars

During the most volatile years of World War II, Mount Holyoke saw a slew of extraordinary visitors as the College played host to the Entretiens de Pontigny, an intellectual gathering… ... » Read more

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