Insider’s View: Wa-shin-an

Wa-shin-an, translated directly as “Peace Mind House,” is a “hidden jewel on campus, and a rare space to find at a college,” says Heath Atchley, manager of Mount Holyoke’s Japanese… ... » Read more


On Display: Shared History

Time Capsule “Vive la M.H.C.,” reads a toast by Nan Evans, class of 1900. Inscribed on a small, handwritten class banquet menu dated March 19, 1898, this historical treasure is… ... » Read more


The Female Gaze: Summer 2015

Painting the Here and Now Alice Ullman Dustin ’64 has collected a wide array of experiences in her career as a self-taught painter. She has written and illustrated more than… ... » Read more

Studio Theater


Insider’s View: Studio Theater

A classroom, rehearsal space, and performance venue, the Studio Theater in Kendall Hall is the dance department’s most sacred space. ... » Read more

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