Lourdes Melgar ’85


Ten Minutes With: Lourdes Melgar ’85

Lourdes Melgar ’85 is Mexico’s deputy secretary of energy in charge of hydrocarbons. Encouraged by her advisor, Professor Vinnie Ferraro, to attend Massachusetts Institute of Technology, she became the first… ... » Read more

My Voice: Khushbu Mishra ’11


My Voice: Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone and Into a Beauty Contest

It was the beginning of summer, and I was busy writing my second-year doctoral paper for the applied economics program. ... » Read more


My Voice: Being Transgender at Mount Holyoke

At the State University of New York at Oneonta, I work with transgender and gender non-conforming college students. In addition to the typical anxieties of first-year students, these students often… ... » Read more


Ten Minutes With: Imogene Fish ’55

Achieving Great Heights At the age of nineteen,  Imogene Opton Fish ’55 traveled to Oslo, Norway, to represent the United States in women’s slalom alpine skiing at the 1952 Winter… ... » Read more

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