On Display: Slothing Around

The Megatherium of Clapp Lab Climb to the fourth floor of Clapp Laboratory, and you’ll be confronted by a skeleton made up of what many initially mistake to be dinosaur… ... » Read more


Then & Now: Canoe Sing

This article appeared in the summer 2014 issue of the Alumnae Quarterly. ... » Read more


Insider’s View: Gettell Amphitheater

In 1961 the amphitheater was constructed as just one part of an ambitious campus improvement plan implemented by Richard Glenn Gettell, the College’s thirteenth president. In its earliest years Pageant… ... » Read more

Lorelle Pye FP'13


From Vet Tech to Scientist

Lorelle Pye FP’13 Awarded NSF Grant At Lorelle Pye’s FP’13 high school in central Florida, students were rarely encouraged to pursue higher education. So upon graduation, Pye began working full… ... » Read more

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