Ten Minutes with Bridget Serchak ’84

Inspector General Chief of Public Affairs A self-described “Army brat,” Bridget Serchak ’84 moved twelve times and attended eight schools before enrolling at Mount Holyoke. A politics and history double… ... » Read more

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Attorney Judith Olans Brown ’62 Honored

In November Judith Olans Brown ’62 received the Lelia J. Robinson Award from the Women’s Bar Association at a gala celebration in Boston, Massachusetts. Since 1994, the award has been… ... » Read more


The Female Gaze: Spring 2014

Kat Cope ’05 Working from her subconscious—saying she allows materials to guide her work, Kat Cope ’05 is a mixed-media artist who works in printmaking, papermaking, and collage. Drawing since… ... » Read more


The Great Flood of 1936

In the early days of March 1936, Mount Holyoke students had one thing on their minds: mid-semester vacation. Winter had been especially tough that year, with record snowfalls and long… ... » Read more

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