The History of Valentine’s Day at Mount Holyoke

Mother of the American Valentine Esther Howland, class of 1847, grew up in Worcester, Massachusetts, where her father owned a large book and stationery store. Shortly after graduating, Howland received… ... » Read more


Ten Minutes With Erica Lutes ’02

Fulbright’s youngest executive director, Erica Lutes Since June 2012, Lutes has led the Fulbright Commission for Educational Exchange between the United States and Belgium. The youngest executive director in the… ... » Read more

Organization Maven


The Maven: Creating Storage Space at Home

In recent years keeping an organized home has become a big business. Do a quick online search for “storage solutions” and you’ll get millions of possible hits. But while answers… ... » Read more


The Gospel of “Spirituals & the Blues”

In 1982, five years after joining the faculty at Mount Holyoke, religion professor John Grayson debuted Spirituals, a course that would later become Spirituals & the Blues and his most… ... » Read more

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