The Maven: Finding Your Financial Confidence

Financial confidence could well be a final frontier for women, one we must broach and conquer. Here are five steps to financial confidence, which surprisingly have nothing to do with… ... » Read more


My Voice: Saying No (Or Not Now) to Marriage

Watching the sun set over the Baltic Sea is breathtaking. The calm water mirrors the sun’s pastel tones. The Swedish fishing village winds behind us, houses peppering the landscape. I… ... » Read more

Move-in Day


Then & Now: Move-in Day

  This article appeared in the fall 2013 issue of the Alumnae Quarterly ... » Read more


Eyitemi Popo ’12: Ayiba Magazine

Eyitemi Popo Launches Digital Magazine With a degree in international relations and digital media from MHC, Eyitemi Popo ’12 spends her days working for one of the foremost public relations… ... » Read more

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