Jean Sammet '48


Ten Minutes With Jean Sammet ’48

Programming Pioneer, Jean Sammet Jean E. Sammet ’48 majored in mathematics at Mount Holyoke and was a pioneer in developing and researching programming languages. She created FORMAC, the first widely… ... » Read more


Alum Books: Winter 2014

Fiction:  A Handful of Spells By Kimberley Shaw '88 Caitlin Leo is different: she’s bigger than the other kids, she has hearing aids, not to mention, she can make things… ... » Read more


Rhea DeHart ’42: “Retires”

“Retire,” Rhea DeHart ’42 told the Santa Cruz Sentinel in 2002, “I don't have a good thing to say about that word. There's so many good organizations that need people… ... » Read more


Autumn Comes to Campus

There's nothing like autumn at Mount Holyoke. The leaves change into the richest colors, the air gets comfortably chilly, and most importantly, apple cider donuts start appearing in the dining… ... » Read more

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