Caroline Boa Henderson 1901: Voice from the Dust Bowl

  The plains of the Midwest experienced an acute sense of déjà vu during the summer of 2012. Drought destroyed crops, killed livestock, and sent farmers into bankruptcy against the… ... » Read more


Monica Grover ’99: Flavor, Health, Soul

Every morning, just as dawn is beginning to light up the sky, merchants unload goods and set up stalls in markets all over the world. Each region of the earth… ... » Read more

student holding up the world, like Atlas


“My Voice” Essay: Must I Be Uncommon?

I am a junior now. And when I look out at the real world on the horizon, it’s decorated with ominous clouds. You see, this is the first time on… ... » Read more


Holly Hughes ’75 Dishes on the Best Food Writing

Since its inception in 2000, Holly Hughes has been editing the Best Food Writing series, which highlights culinary trends through epicurean-inspired stories and essays. With titles like “Still Life with… ... » Read more

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