Alum Blog: Doula Trainee Karina Vasilevska-Das ’00

Helping Mothers Help Themselves A postpartum doula is an assistant to a family and their newborn for the first six weeks to three months after the birth. Karina Vasilevska-Das ’00… ... » Read more


Lessons in Independence: Mary Lyon and Emily Dickinson at Mount Holyoke

Late in the fall when I leave campus after dark, I often pass the College gates and the library all lit up and I think about the women who lived… ... » Read more


Takin’ It to the Streets, a conversation with political activist Liz Roberts ’91

What is the War Resisters League, and what projects are you working now? It was founded in 1923 by women suffragists and conscientious objectors from World War I. My role… ... » Read more

photo of Marian Harris in Turkey


Marian Harris ’62: Advocates for Gun Control

The slew of mass shootings from Aurora to Newtown has Marian Harris ’62 angry. She works for the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence, a nonprofit dedicated to educating the public… ... » Read more

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