President’s Perspectives

President’s Perspectives

President’s Pen: Fall 2017

It has been truly delightful over the last year to relive, in the pages of the Alumnae Quarterly, one hundred years of Mount Holyoke history, alumnae engagement, and forum for… ... » Read more

Acting President Sonya Stephens speaks during the laurel chain ceremony at Mary Lyon’s grave in May. Photo by Deirdre Haber Malfatto

President’s Perspectives

President’s Pen: Summer 2017

It is an inescapable and heartwarming truth about Mount Holyoke that we are invested in a tradition of traditions. At no time in the academic year, and at no moment… ... » Read more

Sonya Stephens

President’s Perspectives

President’s Pen: Spring 2017

If the notion of “return on investment” is a new way of students, parents, policymakers, and the wider public measuring higher education, it’s not a new idea. The value of… ... » Read more

Acting President Sonya Stephens (third from left) enjoys the company of participants of the Mount Holyoke College Shakti Program in Mumbai, India, in August.

President’s Perspectives

President’s Pen

In their 2014 book How College Works, Daniel F. Chambliss and Christopher G. Takacs write about the way in which the social world of college “spreads out from a small… ... » Read more

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