President’s Perspectives

President’s Perspectives

President’s Pen: Summer 2015

Five years ago, when I began hosting The Academic Minute on National Public Radio in collaboration with Albany’s WAMC, our goal was to promote participatory democracy by providing access to those… ... » Read more

President’s Perspectives

President’s Pen: Spring 2015

A few years ago, Anne-Marie Slaughter created a firestorm when her article “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All” was published in The Atlantic. Slaughter begins her piece by recounting… ... » Read more

President's Pen Winter 2015

President’s Perspectives

President’s Pen: Winter 2015

I always love hearing students and alumnae invoke Mary Lyon’s name. From “Mary Lyon would want me to take this job” to “Mary Lyon would want Mountain Day on Tuesday”… ... » Read more

President’s Perspectives

MHC Moment: January 2015

Last semester President Lynn Pasquerella ’80, along with psychology and education professor Lenore Reilly, taught a community-based learning course called “Philosophy for Children.” In this course, students learned how to… ... » Read more

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