Winter 2016

Susie Hochenberg

Winter 2016

10 Minutes With: Susie Kreiner Hochenberg ’68

Kidney Donor Susie Kreiner Hochenberg ’68 dedicated twenty-eight years to teaching students in New York City public high schools. When she retired, she turned her attention to volunteering at the American Museum of… ... » Read more

Betty Shabazz Cultural Center

Winter 2016

Insider’s View: Betty Shabazz Cultural House

Known affectionately by students as “the Betty,” the Betty Shabazz Cultural House serves as a meeting place for student organizations, including the Association of Pan-African Unity (APAU), the Mount Holyoke… ... » Read more

Mother and baby illustration

Winter 2016

The Maven: How to Wear a Baby

Babywearing is an age-old method of caretaking, allowing a caregiver to be hands-free while meeting the needs of the child. Wearing babies is also proven to alleviate perinatal mood and… ... » Read more

Heidi Neubauer-Winterburn mixed media piece

Winter 2016

The Female Gaze: Winter 2016

Mixed Media: Political Artistry “Attention is such a valuable thing these days. We’re constantly distracted,” says Heidi Neubauer-Winterburn ’03. “I want to help people see things that are important . .… ... » Read more

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