Winter 2018

Seats in Rooke

Winter 2018

A Look Inside Alice Withington Rooke Theatre

Rooke slideshow Built in 1966, the Alice Withington Rooke Theatre, originally named Laboratory Theatre, was renamed in 1977 to honor the mother of then-trustee Dorothy Rooke McCulloch ’50. Located off… ... » Read more

Radio illustration

Winter 2018

Barbara Cellana Bernard ’48 on Working for a Full Life

With the exception of my mother, everyone in my family died young. This is the only reason I can fathom why I have always tried to pack so much living… ... » Read more

The John D. Rockefeller skating rink.

Winter 2018

Campus Ice Skating Once Offered Winter Respite

The John D. Rockefeller skating rink In the area of campus where Porter Hall now stands, overlooking Lower Lake, there once stood a covered skating rink. The rink, donated to… ... » Read more

Winter 2018

Archival Campus Map from 1950s Featured on Admissions Brochure

Archival Campus Map This Mount Holyoke campus map—the outside cover of a 1950s admission brochure—was hand illustrated and showed not only the layout of campus buildings and roads but also… ... » Read more