Greece & Magna Graecia

A Journey to Athens, the Peloponnese and Southern Italy, October 8–19, 2019, with Professor of Classics Geoffrey S. Sumi

You are invited to join fellow alumnae and distinguished Professor of Classics Geoffrey S. Sumi on a splendid exploration of “Greece & Magna Graecia,” October 8–19, 2019.

This distinctive journey explores parts of Greece and Italy that share a common history going back thousands of years. We begin in Athens, the birthplace of democracy, which more than any other city has had a profound impact on the development of the Western world. Continue to the Peloponnese to explore ancient sites and charming towns, then sail across the Ionian Sea on a modern ferry to reach southern Italy.

Tour highlights:


Visit Athens’ Acropolis and its celebrated monuments, including the incomparable Parthenon and other temples built in the fifth century B.C., and the Acropolis Museum, which houses an outstanding collection of sculptures and other artifacts.


In the Peloponnese, explore important sites that span the millennia, from the Bronze Age to the Byzantine period to the present, including Mycenae with its imposing Lion Gate; Epidaurus, famous for its fourth century B.C. theater; and Olympia, home of the Panhellenic games.


Spend three days in the heart of Italy’s Puglia region. Known in antiquity as Magna Graecia (“Greater Greece”) due to the large number of cities founded by Greeks, Puglia is one of the most fascinating parts of Italy. Explore several of these settlements including Metapontum and Taranto, founded by Spartans in 708 B.C.


Visit the town of Alberobello, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that features over 1,500 trulli structures. These remarkable, white-washed structures have pyramidal, conical or domed roofs built of corbelled local limestone without mortar, using a prehistoric building technique that has survived to this day.


Near the fishing town of Monopoli, noted for its 12th-century cathedral that was rebuilt during the Baroque period, enjoy lunch at a traditional farmhouse that produces organic mozzarella and other Apulian cheeses that we will sample.


Greece and southern Italy, with fellow alumnae in the company of Professor Sumi, whose specialty is Greece and Rome, promise a rich and rewarding experience not to be missed. Space is limited to 24, and early registration savings are available through June 7, 2019.

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