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Valerie Barr ’77

Mount Holyoke Alumna Takes an Interdisciplinary Approach to Computer Science

After teaching at Hofstra University and serving as chair of the computer science department and director of interdisciplinary programs at Union College, Valerie Barr ’77 was appointed to Mount Holyoke’s Jean E. Sammet Endowed Chair in Computer Science last fall. The honor comes after years…... » Read more

Mount Holyoke Alumna Reduces Poverty in Her Native Country through Wholesome Dairy

Marie Cavosora ’91 is known as the resident “Dairy Godmother” at CalaBoo Dairyard, a social enterprise that she founded in her native Philippines last year. After a prosperous two decades in corporate America—working in advertising for brands such as Pepsi, Disney, and Kraft Foods—a spiritual…... » Read more

Jennifer Grow ’94

Editor of the Alumnae Quarterly on the Challenge of Telling the Mount Holyoke Story

¶ Jennifer Grow ’94 has been editor of the Alumnae Quarterly since 2013. Previously she was assistant editor of Williams College alumni magazines for thirteen years and held positions in fundraising and marketing. From 2001 until 2007 she coached the Mount Holyoke novice crew team.…... » Read more

10 Minutes With: Monique Washington ’91

A Chicago Police Sergeant on Her Call to Serve Initially thinking she would embark on a career as an entertainment lawyer, a turn as a paralegal led Monique Washington ’91 into public service, which propelled her toward a master’s degree in criminal justice and her job…... » Read more