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Carol Ann Rinzler ’59 Reveals the Magic of Our Own Two Feet

In Leonardo’s Foot: How 10 Toes, 52 Bones, and 66 Muscles Shaped the Human World, Carol Ann Rinzler ’59 delves into history, literature, anthropology, and science to examine what Leonardo da Vinci called “a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art”—the human foot. Rinzler,…... » Read more

A Closer Look: The Iconic Iconographer

New Book Showcases Best-Known Work of Susan Kare ’75 Susan Kare ’75 has created countless computer icons during her three-decade career as a graphic designer for a who’s who of Silicon Valley tech corporations. Many of her icons, including Apple’s Happy Macintosh, the Windows 3.0 solitaire deck,…... » Read more

A Closer Look: Paranoid Parents: Get a Grip!

When Christie Horn Barnes’s husband died suddenly of a stroke six years ago, she was left alone to parent two-year-old triplets and a daughter who was four. Panic set in. “I was in shock,” the 1977 alumna recalls of her bereavement and the consequent hyper-attention she paid to…... » Read more

A Closer Look: Caring Full Circle

Joanna Lillian Brown '73 hopes that you will buy her book before you really need it. Caring for Dying Loved Ones: A Helpful Guide for Families and Friends is the result of nineteen years of caregiving for relatives and friends. In it, Brown shares the…... » Read more

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