alumnae voices

Letters from the Dust Bowl

Caroline Boa Henderson, class of 1901, maintained correspondence with her classmate Rose Alden for several decades following their graduation from Mount Holyoke. The Mount Holyoke College Archives and Special Collections houses over 1300 letters and assorted papers written by and addressed to Henderson. In the…... » Read more

The Life and Legacy of Virginia Apgar ’29

Virginia Apgar ’29 was an obstetric anesthesiologist best known for the Apgar score, a clinical system for evaluating the physical condition of newborns at birth. View her acceptance speech after being named Woman of the Year in Science by the by Ladies Home Journal in 1973. Read more…... » Read more

Recent Graduates Reminisce

In the fall of 2010, Hannah Barg '14 (left) had just returned to the US from Israel, where she had spent her gap year the year between high school and college. She was worried about being able to connect with other first years, the majority of whom had…... » Read more

Lorelle Pye FP'13

From Vet Tech to Scientist

Lorelle Pye FP’13 Awarded NSF Grant At Lorelle Pye’s FP’13 high school in central Florida, students were rarely encouraged to pursue higher education. So upon graduation, Pye began working full time as a veterinary technician. Eventually, though, she saved enough money to move and attend…... » Read more

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