alumnae voices

Elise Hale-Case ’09: Feeding the Hungry

  At the Queen Anne Food Bank in Seattle, Washington, basement doors open at 6.30 am. During the morning of any given day, between eighty and 150 hungry people stop by. Food bank overseer Elise Hale-Case ’09 prepares sack lunches and volunteers distribute them to…... » Read more

Patricia Peck Warner ’48: Overseeing Craft Consciousness

Weavers, ceramicists, woodworkers, furniture-makers, sculptors, quilters. As co-chair of the Fuller Craft Museum's overseers, Patricia Peck Warner ’48 has an acute knowledge of and keen advocacy for the work of the artisans exhibited at this nationally renowned venue for contemporary crafts in Brockton, Massachusetts. With over twenty…... » Read more

Maternal Ambivalence the Topic of Woolley Fellow’s Book

A woman kills one of her own children every three days in America, research shows. While we would like to believe that these mothers have nothing in common with “good mothers,” it turns out that this is not really the case, says Sarah LaChance Adams…... » Read more

A New Look at How the West Was Won

Many of us were taught in high school that, when the 1803 Louisiana Purchase doubled the size of the United States, Anglo immigrants settled a nearly virgin wilderness. The work of Colorado College history professor Anne Hyde ’82 turns this view on its head, revealing that…... » Read more