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The Day I Wore Eleanor Roosevelt’s Bathing Suit

    —By Judy Fisher Kidney '34 This article appeared in the winter 2001 issue of the Alumnae Quarterly.... » Read more

Susan Throckmorton ’65: The Art of Cutting Paper

The intricate designs that illuminate Susan Throckmorton's papercuttings delight the eyes, but make your hands hurt just looking at them. There are dense forests, slender cactus needles, fruit and flower montages, and birds, lots and lots of birds. Papercutting is an ancient art that is…... » Read more

Brenda Phillips ’78: Painting the Brain Poetic

An androgynous figure on a throne, crowned and red-robed, stares frankly at the viewer. Artist Brenda Phillips '78 can easily name the origin of her partly collaged canvas, rendered in saturated pastels and emerald-colored paints: William Butler Yeats. After complaining of gradual memory loss ten years ago,…... » Read more

Eva Steiner Moseley ’53: Going Green…to the Grave

When Eva Steiner Mosley's mother died in 1971, she got a rude awakening about the somewhat tyrannical nature of the funeral industry. Shopping for a casket at a Jewish funeral home, she chose a plain, unlined pine box that was only available to Orthodox Jews, the…... » Read more