alumnae voices

Connections: Fall 2013

Boston Bowls Pizza, mingling, and Mount Holyoke took center stage at the retro-inspired Kings Bowling in downtown Boston last May. Approximately forty alumnae and their families gathered with ten newly accepted students to answer questions, exchange experiences, and, of course, celebrate! The prospective students walked…... » Read more

On Display: A Dressed up Affair

Titanic-era gown of Katharine Condon Foster, class of 1914 When Carolyn Chesebrough Foster ’58 moved to her husband’s childhood home in Friendship, Maine, she discovered an extraordinary relic hanging in one of the closets—a formal, Titanic-era, silk gown. Edged with ermine (short-tailed weasel) fur and…... » Read more

Eyitemi Popo ’12: Ayiba Magazine

Eyitemi Popo Launches Digital Magazine With a degree in international relations and digital media from MHC, Eyitemi Popo ’12 spends her days working for one of the foremost public relations firms in Lagos, Nigeria, and her nights coordinating the writing, art, and production of the…... » Read more

Alum Books: Winter 2014

Fiction:  A Handful of Spells By Kimberley Shaw '88 Caitlin Leo is different: she’s bigger than the other kids, she has hearing aids, not to mention, she can make things move without touching them. She dreads riding the school bus because she gets teased, but…... » Read more