alumnae voices

Rhea DeHart ’42: “Retires”

“Retire,” Rhea DeHart ’42 told the Santa Cruz Sentinel in 2002, “I don't have a good thing to say about that word. There's so many good organizations that need people to serve. The giver gets more than the person who receives.” Despite her years, DeHart…... » Read more

Alumnae Playlist: Songs Inspired by Mount Holyoke

This playlist was crowd-sourced from alumnae, who submitted songs that reminded them of Mount Holyoke.... » Read more

Mountain Day 2013

Mountain Day was held on October 1 this year. The day began with a thick fog that had settled over the campus, but it was soon burned off and the weather turned warm and sunny, perfect for a day atop Mt. Holyoke. The Alumnae Association…... » Read more