alumnae voices

A Greener Way to Go: Eva Moseley ’53 and Green Burial

Did you know that formaldehyde, the main chemical used in embalming, is a carcinogen? Or that embalming usually isn’t required by law? And those outrageously priced coffins that are sold to grieving family? Not necessary at all. Death isn’t anybody’s favorite topic of conversation, but…... » Read more

Reunion 2013

Reunion I took place from May 17–19 during a sunny, perfect 70-degree weekend. In contrast, Reunion II followed the next weekend with a chilly, constant rain fall. The difference? Only the weather. Each weekend was full of exuberance, excitement, nostalgia, and joy. Alums squealed with…... » Read more

Alum Pens Poem for People of Boston

We Are Boston, BOSTON STRONG! The sun was bright, the day was clear, It was the Springtime of the year. The chill of Wintertime was gone ~ It was the Boston Marathon. Love and hope were in the air; Peace and joy were everywhere. Then…... » Read more

Looking Back on the Laurel Chain

The moment I picked up my portion of the laurel chain on my graduation day in 2004, I felt a weight on my shoulders that has stayed with me ever since. It has been almost ten years since that alumnae parade, but I will never…... » Read more