alumnae voices

Leticia Barr ’96 is a Tech Savvy Mama

  If you have ever wished you were a more technology-literate parent, or alternatively that you knew other parents as tech savvy as you, then check out professional blogger Leticia Barr’s Tech Savvy Mama. For years Leticia Barr ’96 worked as a school administrator with…... » Read more

Ayesha Mustafa ’02: Fashion ComPassion

Imagine a world in which you could fill your closet with stylish, handcrafted, sustainably manufactured clothing and accessories. Now imagine that it’s affordable and the artisans (mostly women) who created it are paid well, and that their communities benefit in myriad ways from having your…... » Read more

Rebecca Smith Lovelace ’70: Building a Church from Scratch

Rebecca Smith Lovelace ’70 had worshipped at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church her whole life, until late last year. Now she’s part of St. Anne’s, a Conway, South Carolina, congregation, worshiping in the chapel at Coastal Carolina University. Here, Lovelace and other Episcopalians have started their…... » Read more

Monica Grover ’99: Flavor, Health, Soul

Every morning, just as dawn is beginning to light up the sky, merchants unload goods and set up stalls in markets all over the world. Each region of the earth has its own special blend of smells that fills the air as baskets of spices,…... » Read more