Archival Campus Map from 1950s Featured on Admissions Brochure

Archival Campus Map This Mount Holyoke campus map—the outside cover of a 1950s admission brochure—was hand illustrated and showed not only the layout of campus buildings and roads but also people interacting in the space. Figures are shown skating on Lower Lake, riding horses, relaxing…... » Read more

Original Dorm Fire Rope Sent to the Archives by the Class of 1922

Last spring, in a box of materials received from members of the Mount Holyoke class of 1922, staff at Archives and Special Collections discovered an original dormitory fire rope. Before fire escapes were widely installed on campus buildings students relied on these ropes—which were kept…... » Read more

Ba'hai prayer

19th Century “Prayer for Mount Holyoke” Rediscovered in the Archives

Uniting a Community In 1919 Charlotte D’Evelyn, a new member of the Mount Holyoke English faculty, received a “Prayer for Mount Holyoke,” written by Abdu’l-Baha, who was then the head of the Baha’í faith after the death of the founder of the faith, Bahá’u’lláh. This…... » Read more

Fiske letter

Fidelia Fiske’s Letters

Fidelia Fiske, class of 1842, kept up careful correspondence with her alma mater during her years abroad. Her letters chronicle everything from conversions to illness, blessing or praying to God in each. Many were sent to her friend and mentor, Mary Lyon. Oroomiah, April 23, 1855…... » Read more