The Female Gaze: Summer 2015

Painting the Here and Now Alice Ullman Dustin ’64 has collected a wide array of experiences in her career as a self-taught painter. She has written and illustrated more than 200 educational children’s books for her grandchildren. She organized an art show and painted a…... » Read more

The Female Gaze: Spring 2015

Upon Closer Inspection Christina Zwart ’87 is not afraid to walk into a pizza joint and ask for a few hundred boxes. When given 4,000 individual packets of wasabi from a distributor, she won’t hesitate to reach out if she needs 3,000 more. Zwart is…... » Read more

Viewpoints: Summer 2013 Quarterly

Feedback on "Must I be Uncommon?" Essay • Thanks to Olivia Lammel for her “My Voice" essay in the spring Quarterly, which brings up an important issue that the MHC community really needs to talk about more. We go on about being “uncommon women” and tell each…... » Read more

Mona Bernstein Dukess ’57: The Color of Water

As abstract as the art of Mona Bernstein Dukess '57 can be, when looking at it you have the sensation of seeing something familiar. A painting's bold shock of blue, the varying intensity of shade, a horizontal brushstroke's suggestion of movement—the viewer is tempted to…... » Read more

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