The Female Gaze: Fall 2014

Life Revealed Through a Lens Photographer Ann Ginsburgh Hofkin ’65 has mastered the art of slowing down, pausing to appreciate moments in life. In her thirty-eight years behind the camera, she has relished finding beauty and inspiration in the mundane, choosing seemingly basic subjects—like clouds,…... » Read more

The Female Gaze: Summer 2014

Oil on Canvas The children in Jude Harzer’s ’87 paintings seem to stare boldly from the canvas, as if refusing to be objects of a viewer’s gaze. Through depictions of mothers, daughters, and sisters, Harzer explores the familial relationships that shape children. “I like the…... » Read more

Summer Reading List

Summer Reading List

Alumnae Recommendations for Your Summer Reading We asked Mount Holyoke alumnae on Twitter to recommend great summer books they thought sister alumnae would enjoy this summer. See a selection of recommendations below and join the conversation with the hashtag #MHCreads on Twitter and Facebook. Think a…... » Read more

The Female Gaze: Spring 2014

Kat Cope ’05 Working from her subconscious—saying she allows materials to guide her work, Kat Cope ’05 is a mixed-media artist who works in printmaking, papermaking, and collage. Drawing since she was a child, Cope says, “Even before I went to Mount Holyoke, I wanted…... » Read more

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