MHC Moment: July 2013

President Lynn Pasquerella ’80 celebrated MHC's 175th anniversary with alumnae at the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia, which promotes appreciation of the arts and horticultural science, through the preservation, presentation, and interpretation of the collections of Albert C. and Laura L. Barnes. The event was hosted by former…... » Read more

Indelible Images: Patricia Swain ’73

When award-winning photographer Patricia Swain ’73 arrived in Turkey, she wasn’t entirely sure what kind of photographs she was after. She knew one thing, though—there would be chickens. These common fowls had been on Pat Swain’s mind since working in Maui, Hawaii, where there are…... » Read more

Art Breaks Out of the Frame

Many of professor Renae Brodie's first-year biology students start the semester confident that they know what to expect in an introductory science course. But one day during the first few weeks of class, they’re analyzing not cell structure under a laboratory microscope but a seventeenth-century…... » Read more

Photo: Self-portrait: Rada ’04

Indelible Images by Rada ’04

The image makes you stop and check twice. Are you looking in a mirror?  Seeing double?  What’s the story with these two impressively coiffed ladies? Photographer Rada ’04 explains the shot: “Twins was taken during a cherry blossom festival in Macon, Georgia. I was hired…... » Read more