Joanna Chlebus ’05: Reel Feminist

If you are feeling nostalgic for the film studies department at Mount Holyoke (or if you are just a film buff with some feminist flair), the blog of alumna Joanna Chlebus ’05, Reel Feminist, will take you back to those seminars and screenings. With a…... » Read more

Mural "Bay St. Louis" (detail)

Indelible Images: Melissa A. Smith ’87

Visual Art by Alumnae Artists Melissa A. Smith ’87 has always been inspired by the outdoors—from the rolling hills of North Carolina where she grew up, to the beauty of Western Massachusetts when she was at Mount Holyoke, to the sweeping landscape of the Gulf…... » Read more

A Closer Look: The Iconic Iconographer

New Book Showcases Best-Known Work of Susan Kare ’75 Susan Kare ’75 has created countless computer icons during her three-decade career as a graphic designer for a who’s who of Silicon Valley tech corporations. Many of her icons, including Apple’s Happy Macintosh, the Windows 3.0 solitaire deck,…... » Read more

Indelible Images: “Cassiopeia Dreams of Better Days” by Mimi Frank ’76

After teaching for fifteen years at the Catholic University of America, sculptor Mary Annella “Mimi” Frank ’76 now works full-time on her art. She has exhibited widely across the country. Currently at work on a commission for the Dartmouth (Massachusetts) Natural Resources Trust, Frank also has a show of her work scheduled…... » Read more