Best of MHC Memes

These are just a few of the best Mount Holyoke College memes that we came across on Tumblr and the Facebook page, Mount Holyoke College Memes. What's a "meme" some of you may ask? Wikipedia defines an Internet meme as "a concept that spreads rapidly from…... » Read more

Leticia Barr ’96 is a Tech Savvy Mama

  If you have ever wished you were a more technology-literate parent, or alternatively that you knew other parents as tech savvy as you, then check out professional blogger Leticia Barr’s Tech Savvy Mama. For years Leticia Barr ’96 worked as a school administrator with…... » Read more

Alum Blog: Doula Trainee Karina Vasilevska-Das ’00

Helping Mothers Help Themselves A postpartum doula is an assistant to a family and their newborn for the first six weeks to three months after the birth. Karina Vasilevska-Das ’00 is in training to be a doula, and is documenting her experiences in her blog,…... » Read more

Joanna Chlebus ’05: Reel Feminist

If you are feeling nostalgic for the film studies department at Mount Holyoke (or if you are just a film buff with some feminist flair), the blog of alumna Joanna Chlebus ’05, Reel Feminist, will take you back to those seminars and screenings. With a…... » Read more

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