Alum Blog: Exploring the World of Local and Organic Food

"Local" is a relative concept for Anabelle Harari ’11. Her post-grad life has consisted of border crossing, backpacking, and blogging. Local Belle, her blog and passion project, is a place of worship for local food. She’s bounced from Kathmandu to Kerala, roaming around Nepal and…... » Read more

Liz Carlson at the Pyramids

Alum Blog: Young Adventuress Liz Carlson ’10

For many, travel is a rare vacation treat; for others no more than a necessary evil. For Liz Carlson ’10, it’s a series of grand adventures. It all started with a trip to Spain at age sixteen. “Eight years and twenty-five countries later,” Carlson writes…... » Read more

Alum Blog: “Yankee Kitchen Ninja” Julianne Trabucchi Puckett ’91

Julianne Trabucchi Puckett ’91 is known to her faithful followers as the Yankee Kitchen Ninja, or “the Ninj” for short. This title might have something to do with her knife skills in the kitchen and the unorthodox recipes she features on her blog Adventures of…... » Read more

Gluten Free Blog

Alum Blog: Jennifer Rafferty ’92

  Though skeptics may say that Celiac disease and gluten intolerance is simply a recent attempt to capitalize on the masses’ mild hypochondria, it is actually one of the most common and under-diagnosed afflictions in the Western world. According to the University of Chicago Celiac…... » Read more