More Books from spring 2013 Off the Shelf

Cameron Can Too Written and illustrated by Allie Brooke Cameron, a young, purple penguin is surrounded by other penguins—only they’re red and blue. He knows he’s different but that doesn’t stop him from finding happiness and being true to himself. Allison B. Turner ’09 graduated…... » Read more

Off the Shelf: Winter 2013

Words Worth a Second Look Fiction Miss Me When I’m Gone By Emily Arsenault When Gretchen Waters, divorcee and author of a honky-tonk memoir, dies suddenly people assume it was a tragic accident. Jamie, Gretchen’s best friend and literary executor, looks through her notebooks and…... » Read more

Hanna Pylväinen

Losing Their Faith

Acclaimed debut novelist Hanna Pylväinen ’07 examines a family’s struggle with the burdens of faith Writing a memoir as an undergraduate may seem audacious to many, but for Hanna Pylväinen ’07, life until that point left plenty to examine. Alongside seven brothers and sisters, Hanna…... » Read more

Martha Henissart ’50: Anonymous No More

Back in the day, murder-mystery writers didn’t get much bigger than Emma Lathen. Between 1961 and 1997 the pseudonymous Lathen published twenty-four novels featuring Wall Street banker-detective John Putnam Thatcher. Lathen’s books won awards named after such great mystery writers as Edgar Allan Poe and…... » Read more