campus life

Best of MHC Memes

These are just a few of the best Mount Holyoke College memes that we came across on Tumblr and the Facebook page, Mount Holyoke College Memes. What's a "meme" some of you may ask? Wikipedia defines an Internet meme as "a concept that spreads rapidly from…... » Read more

A Cappella: Sisters in Song

MHC A Cappella Groups Sing in Solidarity and Harmony On a cool Sunday evening in September, Cassidy Bommer ’13 sat at a desk in her dorm room, checking email and trying to ignore her escalating heartbeat. They had told her to wait for a visit.…... » Read more

The History of Fire & Fire Safety at MHC

Many of Mount Holyoke’s buildings have been partially or completely destroyed by fire over the years. See more photographs at the Archives and Special Collection’s Pinterest board.... » Read more

Sing! Sing! Sing!

There was a time when Mount Holyoke women sang—not just the “Alma Mater” at commencement, but nearly everywhere, nearly every day. Gale Stubbs McClung ’45 remembers the time well, and tries to keep the tradition alive. In her time at MHC, students sang after dinner,…... » Read more