Liz Carlson at the Pyramids

Alum Blog: Young Adventuress Liz Carlson ’10

For many, travel is a rare vacation treat; for others no more than a necessary evil. For Liz Carlson ’10, it’s a series of grand adventures. It all started with a trip to Spain at age sixteen. “Eight years and twenty-five countries later,” Carlson writes…... » Read more

Beth O’Leary ’74: Space Archaeologist Lauds Lunar Legacy

On July 20, 1969, when Beth O’Leary ’74 was an AFS exchange student in Norway, her host family watched a news report of Apollo 11’s lunar touchdown and humans’ first steps on the moon. The broadcast was in Norwegian, except for: “The Eagle has landed.”…... » Read more

Martha Henissart ’50: Anonymous No More

Back in the day, murder-mystery writers didn’t get much bigger than Emma Lathen. Between 1961 and 1997 the pseudonymous Lathen published twenty-four novels featuring Wall Street banker-detective John Putnam Thatcher. Lathen’s books won awards named after such great mystery writers as Edgar Allan Poe and…... » Read more

A Closer Look: The Iconic Iconographer

New Book Showcases Best-Known Work of Susan Kare ’75 Susan Kare ’75 has created countless computer icons during her three-decade career as a graphic designer for a who’s who of Silicon Valley tech corporations. Many of her icons, including Apple’s Happy Macintosh, the Windows 3.0 solitaire deck,…... » Read more