Computer chip

Women in High Tech

Alums Cross One of the Last Big Gender Gaps One manages a group of engineers who make terminals that scan bar codes. Another pulls together news of arts festivals from all over the world. A third can turn paper maps into digital ones. A fourth…... » Read more

Jan Dailey Schnell ’65: A Light Touch for Pets in Pain

Jan Dailey Schnell’s path from conventional veterinarian to veterinary chiropractor—one of only about 500 in the world—started with an injured sled dog. “He had run into the side of a pickup truck,” Schnell recalls. “He was in my office, and you could see his back…... » Read more

Jessica Brezicha ’10 Does Something Fishy

Jessica Brezicha ’10 majored in biology at Mount Holyoke but had never touched a live fish until she was hired for her current job as a scientific observer on commercial fishing boats in the Bering Sea. These days Brezicha is besieged by fish; she collects…... » Read more

Elise Hale-Case ’09: Feeding the Hungry

  At the Queen Anne Food Bank in Seattle, Washington, basement doors open at 6.30 am. During the morning of any given day, between eighty and 150 hungry people stop by. Food bank overseer Elise Hale-Case ’09 prepares sack lunches and volunteers distribute them to…... » Read more