Postpartum Depression: A Silent Epidemic

On the day Kristin Davis '88 came home from the hospital with her beautiful baby daughter Ripley, her world began disintegrating. She was hit with intense nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, and fainting. Breastfeeding her baby was out of the question. Simply lifting her head off…... » Read more

Robin Layton Mann ’73: Addressing a Planet Emergency

Robin Mann has worked to improve the environment for more than thirty years. Water pollution, air quality, and now climate change have been in her portfolio of concerns since she began working as a local activist for the Sierra Club ( in the 1980s. Today,…... » Read more

Susan J. Elliott FP’00: How to Get Past Your Past

Susan Elliott’s been through a lot— growing up in foster care, an abusive first marriage, and a terrible divorce—and at one point was suicidal as a result. It took her ten years of hard work to regain health and happiness, but she did it. So she speaks…... » Read more

Ayesha Vera Yu ’97: Investing in Kids

Where we end up in life, says Ayesha Vera Yu ’97, is the result of “our background...chance, and choice.” A former investment banker, Vera Yu is now the founder and chief executive of the nonprofit initiative Advancement for Rural Kids or ARK. Ayesha lived in…... » Read more