Ten Minutes With Erica Lutes ’02

Fulbright’s youngest executive director, Erica Lutes Since June 2012, Lutes has led the Fulbright Commission for Educational Exchange between the United States and Belgium. The youngest executive director in the program’s sixty-six year history, she holds three master’s degrees—in European policy and politics, peace building,…... » Read more

Lyons in a Bear Market

Uncommon women in business thrive against all odds A 2012 study by Ernst & Young found that businesses owned by men are three-and-a-half times as likely to reach $1 million in annual revenues as are businesses owned by women. Why the gap? The study cites…... » Read more

Sarah Frimpong ’11: Dutch-Inspired Sandwiches

Studying abroad is often characterized by adventure and self-discovery, but for Sarah Frimpong ’11, it was also a “six-month sandwich awakening.” While spending a semester in Amsterdam, Sarah became enamored with broodjes (Dutch sandwiches) for their simple, high-quality ingredients. She decided to bring this concept…... » Read more

The Maven: Finding Your Financial Confidence

Financial confidence could well be a final frontier for women, one we must broach and conquer. Here are five steps to financial confidence, which surprisingly have nothing to do with finance-speak or how to compute rates of returns. They do, however, have a lot to…... » Read more