Jennifer Gomez '05

Class Action

Alums Help Students Connect Curriculum to Career As an expert on mentoring, psychology and education professor Becky Wai-Ling Packard understands the importance of reaching out to alumnae in her teaching. “Alums can be the most relevant and compelling role models for students, because students can…... » Read more

Getting Involved with The Lynk

As an alumna of Mount Holyoke College, you know that we view your liberal arts education as central to your success in both life and career. The Lynk is MHC’s signature initiative intended to help students translate their classroom experiences to the working world beyond the gates.…... » Read more

Ayesha Mustafa ’02: Fashion ComPassion

Imagine a world in which you could fill your closet with stylish, handcrafted, sustainably manufactured clothing and accessories. Now imagine that it’s affordable and the artisans (mostly women) who created it are paid well, and that their communities benefit in myriad ways from having your…... » Read more

Monica Grover ’99: Flavor, Health, Soul

Every morning, just as dawn is beginning to light up the sky, merchants unload goods and set up stalls in markets all over the world. Each region of the earth has its own special blend of smells that fills the air as baskets of spices,…... » Read more