Volunteerism: Powerful Work without Pay

After her husband Jim, a Navy pilot, was shot down in 1965 and taken prisoner during the Vietnam War, Sybil Bailey Stockdale ’46 was frustrated by the US government’s expectation that relatives of POWs not speak out about their mistreatment. So she organized the National League…... » Read more

student holding up the world, like Atlas

“My Voice” Essay: Must I Be Uncommon?

I am a junior now. And when I look out at the real world on the horizon, it’s decorated with ominous clouds. You see, this is the first time on this trip through life that I haven’t had a map to follow. So far, I’ve…... » Read more

Alumnae Student Networking Fair

Alumnae & Student Career Networking Fair 2013

  March 3, 2013 Willits-Hallowell Conference Center Alumnae: 12:00 p.m.–4:00 p.m. Students: 12:30–4:00 p.m. Each year, the Alumnae Association and the Career Development Center host a career networking fair for alumnae and students. Students are given the chance to learn about a variety of career…... » Read more

Wine: Time in a Bottle

Wine is a time capsule. Every bottle tells a story,” says Nicole Brun-Cottan FP ’05, who gave up a career in glass artistry in 2008 and moved to Sonoma County, California, to apprentice at a winery. She lived in a 350-square-foot home with an outhouse,…... » Read more